Sunday brunch on a Saturday – a Mexican delight

As mentioned previously I like breakfast food. It’s possibly because during the week it’s the one meal I have the least time for (I know, it’s the most important meal of the day… but sometimes my bed wins over food), so when it comes to the weekend I like to make a deal about it.

So, on Saturday I stumbled down to Sunday – a lovely looking cafe/restaurant close to my friend’s house, ironically closed on a Sunday, I do believe. Having consumed a rather large amount of wine the night before, we were both in need of good coffee and good food.

On a quiet, residential street, away from the hubbub of Caledonia Road and far enough away from Islington, this is the cutest looking eatery I have seen in a long time.

 You can’t book for breakfast, but fortunately, at just before midday, we were at the front of the queue. It was packed inside and we were a tad anxious we would have to wait a while. As we stood in the surprisingly warm sun, a fair amount of fellow brunchers started gathering behind us, all eager to get seated. We had about a 10-15 minute wait, before a table out the front became free.

 Seeing that it was such a nice morning, we took the chance to sit in the sun. The menu placed in front of us, my mouth instantly started salivating. Buttermilk pancakes, kiln smoked salmon, cornbread, eggs every which way…. and then  I see it – heuvos rancheros. My favourite special breakfast, what I make when I have a good hour to kill in the kitchen and a ravenous companion or two.

It’s not something I would have considered a few years back – basically a Mexican tomato and bean stew, with poached eggs, with tortillas on the side and a good ol’ dollop of guacamole. Not your usual weekend bacon and egg sarnie. At some point soon I will put my recipe up.

But back to business, it’s not something I would normally go for in a restaurant because I know how I like it. I’ve got my recipe down, with the right mix of spices and consistency. But, this place looked good, so I decided to live on the edge.

 In the meantime, the lattes came (they were gooood) and the queue grew. We were getting many jealous looks from those still waiting. The jealous looks grew more intense when our dishes made their way to the table.

And, oh my, was I pleasantly surprised when I had that first mouthful. It tasted exactly how I wanted it to, albeit constructed in a manner different to my homemade style. No guacamole, instead fresh tasty avocado on top, and all nestled on some crisp tortillas. And the chorizo, oh the chorizo! A meaty morsel packed just the right amount of succulent punch, soaking up the wine from the previous night and taking it onto that next level. 

My companion had poached eggs, avocado, halloumi and cornbread. And that was fantastic too. And SO much avocado. If there is one thing I wish I could have in life, it is an avocado tree in my garden.

If I am going to pick fault with my experience, I have two minor things. One, the yolk of my egg could have been runnier, and secondly, when we did want to pay to leave it took a while to get the attention of a staff member, but I will forgive them, because this was the best huevos rancheros I could have asked for.

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